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The Guitars

Tobias Braun is fascinated by the homogeneity of the artisanal process. "I go into the forest and select a tree that will eventually result in a guitar top."

From then on he accompanies his material from the storage of wood to the processing of individual parts until the finished workpiece.

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Tobias Braun

Guitar making started as his hobby when he was in his very early Twenties. For one and a half years Tobias Braun followed books and tried to make guitars in the self-taught-way.

In 1984 Tobias Braun attends the very first guitar making class by José L. Romanillos in Zürich. These three weeks formed the acoustical and aesthetical basis of his guitars.

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  • Tobias Braun has published some very interesting and advisable publications, in addition he offers to present the following Lectures:

    - The Restoration of a Spanish    Factory- Made Guitar (around 1900)  
    - The Viennese Guitarist Luise Walker and   her Santos Hernandéz Guitar

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"One of the best Central European makers we've seen to date. He uses spectacular materials including gorgeous German spruce which is covered in bearclaw markings and has irregular, yet tight and beautiful grain patterns..." Guitar Salon International, Santa Monica CA